Fault2SHA Easter Egg

Dear Fault2SHA members, we published a new section of our website (http://fault2sha.net/paper-gallery/) aim to be a GIVE-ME-A-REASON-TO-READ list of papers interesting for our Working Group.
References are sorted by the year of publication, and alphabetically by the first author. The list will be hopefully updated on a monthly basis.
Anyone believe that his/her paper fits the aims and themes of the Fault2SHA WG, please contact the web administrator (bruno.pace@unich.it) to add your titles to the list. Please send us the reference together with a very short summary with the reasons to read it.


Interaction in Fault2SHA

Great success for the 4th Barcelona Workshop. The submissions are closed.

If you have already received a confirmation message, please hurry up to complete your registration. If not, be patient, we are finalising the participant list. See you soon in Spain. The Organizing Committee.