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SSA 2018 Conference

14/05/2018 @ 8:00 AM - 17/05/2018 @ 5:00 PM

Session  “Fault to Seismic Hazard Assessment (Fault2SHA) in Latin (Central and South) Americas”

Laurence Audin, IRD ISTerre UGA
Felipe Aron, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Marianne Saillard, IRD Geoazur
Laura Peruzza, Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale
Franck Audemard, Fundación Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismológicas
Oona Scotti, Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire

In seismic hazard analysis, increasing importance is given to geodynamic and tectonic data for modeling seismic sources by actual faults. Fast deforming countries like California, New Zealand, Japan and Turkey that have led the development of this practice since the 90s, are now facing new lessons, whilst slowly deforming areas (i.e., Europe) are learning how to deal with their datasets. Latin America is a broad region of interest for earth scientists as it is characterized by both intense seismic activity along the subduction zones and distributed continental faulting. Assessment and mitigation of seismic hazards from the growing set of active faults identified and mapped in Latin America poses unique challenges due to the high variability of data types and qualities.

This session aims to present new data sets and the latest integration of fault sources in SHA models. We invite contributions related to the description of earthquake sources, from the field to the modeling, as well as discussions about whether and how uncertainties in field data are transposed into the source models. In particular, we solicit studies that provide discussions about the comparison and analysis of fault parameters and fault models in South and Central America. We also solicit contributions on how 3D, geometrically complex fault segments are identified and defined, their impact on probabilistic seismic hazard results and studies that incorporate geodetical and geophysical observations. The session aims at linking the “New” and “Old” Worlds, i.e., the Americas and Europe, by strengthening common rules and procedures inside the international community that works on these subjects.


14/05/2018 @ 8:00 AM
17/05/2018 @ 5:00 PM


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