Jammin’ Session

The Fault2SHA Jammin’ Session is an online event to share your brand-new research, project, results or doubts, within the Fault2SHA community.

Contact the EX_COM members with your proposal and you will be assigned a 40 minute time slot (15 for the presentation, 25 for Q&A) for a online Jammin’ Session (in ZOOM). Two moderators will handle your material in advance, to facilitate the discussion.

Scientific virtual Duels – confronting methods, evidences or hypotheses – are welcome too; in this case the time slot will be 1 hour.

Jammin’ events are tentatively scheduled on the 3rd Friday of the month, 2 pm (CET). Your presentation will remain available on the Fault2SHA website after the event.

SImilarly to the Learning Series, the Jammin’ sessions run live on zoom and youtube (join the Fault2SHA mailing list to get invites). After the event, your presentation/materials will be available in the Fault2SHA website too.