Here open source software and computer codes released in the frame of cooperations established within the Fault2SHA community.

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Available since 2021, here the GitHub link

cite: Scotti O., Visini F., Faure Walker J., Peruzza L., Pace B., Benedetti L., Boncio P., Roberts G.: 2021; Which Fault Threatens Me Most? Bridging the Gap Between Geologic Data-Providers and Seismic Risk Practitioners, Frontiers in Earth Science, 8, 750,, 10.3389/feart.2020.626401


SHERIFS: Seismic Hazard for Earthquake Ruptures in Fault Systems

Available since Mar 2020, here the GitHub link

cite: Chartier T., Scotti O., Lyon‐Caen H.: 2019; SHERIFS: Open‐Source Code for Computing Earthquake Rates in Fault Systems and Constructing Hazard Models. Seismological Research Letters, 90 (4), 1678–1688, doi:


FiSH: MATLAB tools to turn Fault data into Seismic Hazard models


Available on this website since Jan 2018, download the code here

cite: Pace B., Visini F., Peruzza L.: 2016; FiSH: MATLAB Tools to Turn Fault Data into Seismic‐Hazard Models. Seismological Research Letters, 87 (2A), 374–386,