An initial core of researchers have been started to meet and discuss since 2014, and two informal small workshops have been organised in Paris and Chieti (details on the old website).

After the formal agreement with the European Seismological Commission in 2016, people were asked to join the FAULT2SHA working group, selecting the role they offer to cover.  Most of these initial members met at the 3rd Workshop held in Barcelonnette (F),  May 2017.

Participants of the May 2-4, 2017 Barcelonnette (France) 3rd Workshop

In September 2017 an Executive Committee composed by 9 researchers has been elected. In 2021 one Ex-Com member has changed, in 2023 two other members have been substituted and two new ones added, to represent the laboratories.

The actual EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is formed by 11 members.

The Fault2SHA working group, followed by members from different countries all over the world, is slowly growing. Beginning of 2022, we are about 250 members.

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