An initial core of researchers have been started to meet and discuss since 2014, and two informal small workshops have been organised in Paris and Chieti (details on the old website).

After the formal agreement with the European Seismological Commission in 2016, people were asked to join the FAULT2SHA working group, selecting the role they offer to cover.  Most of these initial members met at the 3rd Workshop held in Barcelonnette (F),  May 2017.

Participants of the May 2-4, 2017 Barcelonnette (France) 3rd Workshop

In September 2017 an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE composed by 9 researchers has been elected, they will remain in charge till 2020.

The Fault2SHA working group, currently composed by members from 18 different countries all over the world, is slowly growing.

Join us formally and become a MEMBER of the working group and you will be constantly informed about the ongoing  FAULT2SHA initiatives.

Feel you free to CONTACT us anytime.

Working Group Members List (at June 20, 2018)

  1. Aybige Akinci (Italy)
  2. Sahra Aourari (Algeria)
  3. Ramon Arrowsmith (USA)
  4. Franck Audemard (Venezuela)
  5. Laurence Audin (France)
  6. Raffaele Azzaro (Italy)
  7. Stéphane Baize (France)
  8. Roberto Basili (Italy)
  9. Céline Beauval (France)
  10. Lucilla Benedetti (France)
  11. Aurelien Boiselet (France)
  12. Paolo Boncio (Italy)
  13. Carolina Canora (Spain)
  14. Thomas Chartier (France)
  15. Daniele Cirillo (Italy)
  16. Dan Clark (Australia)
  17. Christophe Clement (France)
  18. Edward Marc Cushing (France)
  19. Hadi Dehghan (Iran)
  20. Christopher DuRoss (USA)
  21. Joanna Faure Walker (United Kingdom)
  22. Maria Francesca Ferrario (Italy)
  23. Ana Ferreira (United Kingdom)
  24. Matthieu Ferry (France)
  25. Julián García-Mayordomo (Spain)
  26. Robin  Gee (Italy)
  27. Charikleia Gkarlaouni (Greece)
  28. Ryan Gold (USA)
  29. Laura Gómez de la Peña (Spain)
  30. Octavi Gomez-Novell (Spain)
  31. Eulàlia Gràcia Mont (Spain)
  32. Sushil Gupta (India)
  33. Esther Hintersberger (Austria)
  34. Francesco  Iezzi (United Kingdom)
  35. Juan M. Insua Arévalo (Spain)
  36. Herve Jomard (France)
  37. Giorgi Khazaradze (Spain)
  38. Yann Klinger (France)
  39. Maria Lancieri (France)
  40. Kevin Manchuel (France)
  41. Judith Mariniere (France)
  42. Paula Marques Figueiredo (USA)
  43. Fidel Martin-Gonzalez (Spain)
  44. Ivan Martin-Rojas (Spain)
  45. Eulàlia Masana (Spain)
  46. Stephane Mazzotti (France)
  47. Iván Medina Cascales (Spain)
  48. Carlo Meletti (Italy)
  49. Marco Meschis (United Kingdom)
  50. Zoe Mildon (United Kingdom)
  51. Edwin Obando (Nicaragua)
  52. Maria Ortuño (Spain)
  53. Bruno Pace (Italy)
  54. Raimon Pallàs (Spain)
  55. Christos Papaioannou (Greece)
  56. Hector Perea (Spain)
  57. Eugénie Pérouse (France)
  58. Clément Perrin (USA)
  59. Laura Peruzza (Italy)
  60. Emilio Rodríguez-Escudero (Spain)
  61. Yousaf Saleemi (Pakistan)
  62. Oona Scotti (France)
  63. Afroz Ahmad Shah (Brunei Darussalam)
  64. Bruce Shaw (USA)
  65. Lydia Staisch (USA)
  66. Alejandra Staller (Spain)
  67. Richard Styron (Italy)
  68. Kiran Kumar Thingbaijam (Saudi Arabia)
  69. Hong Kie Thio (USA)
  70. Gabriel Toro (USA)
  71. Alessandro Valentini (Italy)
  72. Juan-Tomas Vazquez (Spain)
  73. Alessandro Verdecchia (Germany)
  74. Pilar Villamor (New Zealand)
  75. Francesco Visini (Italy)
  76. Graeme Weatherill (Italy)
  77. Neta Wechsler  (Israel)
  78. Beau Whitney (Australia)
  79. Hamid Zafarani (Iran)
  80. Olaf Zielke (Saudi Arabia)