All Hands on Deck

On September 6th, 2020 we should have met in Corfu (Greece), at the 37th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission. It was an important appointment for all of us who have committed ourselves to this adventure of the Working Group Fault2SHA, because the first four years of mandate, entrusted to us in the spirit of international voluntary collaborations, expire in 2020, and a renewal till 2024 has been asked for.

But a small pile of proteins has decided otherwise, and the world is adapting to new rules and new rhythms.

These are the reasons why we announce the 5th Workshop to be held online, a “liquid” workshop open to everyone. 

A first Pre-Announcement has been sent to the Working Group Member list. Stay tuned on our Event List, on our Social Media, or subscribe the working Group, if you want to be updated by email messages.


“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone”


About 24 hours to go, before the very first experiment of a FAULT2SHA CHAT SESSION, at #shareEGU20. It’s an unique opportunity to share at distance new ideas and original results, within this community, now open to the participation of the many of us that would have not attended the #EGU20 meeting anyway.

If you want to be part of the chat session, please follow these steps:

1)      check in advance if you can enter into a chat – you need a Copernicus account –

2)      Enter the session in advance, at and download the Session Summary and the presentations you are interested in

3)      Scroll the slide shows/posters and take note of the questions you want eventually to deliver to the authors in a separate document, to be ready to copy&paste it into the chat, when the presentation will be raised for discussion

4)      You can add comments/questions to each presentation also after the end of the session. All the material will be available till end of May.

Enjoy the session.


Interaction in Fault2SHA

Great success for the 4th Barcelona Workshop. The submissions are closed.

If you have already received a confirmation message, please hurry up to complete your registration. If not, be patient, we are finalising the participant list. See you soon in Spain. The Organizing Committee.


Barcelona, 3-5 June 2019

The 4th Workshop of the ESC Fault2SHA Working Group is near the corner.

Abstract call is open now, ultimate date for submission is March 31st.

Download the first call HERE, or submit your abstract by filling the FORM.