First Workshop and Meeting of the TREAD project

Ten months after the kick-of-meeting of the TREAD project in Chieti (Italy), the European team, closely interconnected with the Fault2SHA initiative, will meet again. The members of the project, dedicated to finding new ways to better understand seismogenic faults and to improve seismic hazard analysis within the Euromediterranean region will meet in Aix-en-Provence (France), during the First Meeting of the project, which will take place during next Wednesday 29 November.


This appointment will allow the members to have a general overview of the first steps on each of the work packages and on the 11 PhD projects. The event will follow a 2-days workshop, including field work, where the main protagonists of TREAD, the 11 PhD students, will meet for the first time. These students were selected before last summer more than 600 applicants from all over the world, through an exhaustive selection process involving specific panels for each of the positions. They come from Asia (Iran, Kazakhstan), Europe (France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands) and South America (Colombia) and will follow a 3 to 4 years PhD program designed to cover specific aspects grouped into the three main thematic blocks of TREAD; 1) Earthquake Observations, 2) Physical Properties and Processes, and 3) Earthquake Hazard and Risk. They won’t do it alone, but as part of a collective and interactive research that will include continuous online meetings to share results, problems and new questions; monthly lectures with experts from the three areas (available here); two on-site training schools and 4 workshops (see the general program). The first these, which will take place next week, will focus on the challenges of identifying earthquake sources in slowly deforming regions and will include a visit to the 1909 M6 earthquake (Traveresse region) as well as specific training in the identification and characterisation of fault sources and geological effects; advanced geomorphological (photogrammetry, GIS analysis,..) and geophysical tools, scaling relationships, and an overview of the Mediterranean tectonics, among others.

First online meeting of the TREAD Project.

These pre-doctoral researchers don’t know each other yet, and don’t know yet that they will be the backbone of the project; at the time that they will be looking to solve the key questions and challenges proposed, they will indirectly connect a wide network of specialists that form part of the beneficiary and partner institutions (part of the consortium). To know more about what we are doing, follow the project updates in the social media and the web page. We are preparing short capsules to reveal the multiple sides of the TREAD project.

TREAD project Network

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6th Fault2SHA Workshop

Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

We are ready for the 6th Workshop of the Fault2SHA ESC Working Group. It will be held in Chieti on January 19-20, 2023. It is the first in-person meeting after years; it follows the kickoff meeting of the new Horizon Europe MSCA-DN project TREAD, leaded by the University of Chieti-Pescara. TREAD will open 11 phD positions in Europe soon.

About 45 experienced and early career researchers are expected; key-note lectures will be recorded for the community. Enjoy the PRE-WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS, and the mountains’ view!

Last call

This is the last reminder for the pre-registration to the 6th Fault2sha Workshop that will be held in Chieti (IT) on Jan 19-20, 2023. More info here.

Compile the pre-registration form before Nov 30, 2022, if you want to participate: there are only few seats free (Max 50 participants).

Confirmation to accepted participants on Dec, 7, 2022.

5th Workshop

Fault More Learn Seismic Hazard SHA Model Research

The first two days of the 5th Fault2SHA Workshop have gone, with an exciting “long-lasting” participation (on average we had 90 connected via zoom for the whole time and 25 following the Youtube streaming – Fault2SHA 5th Workshop Playlist). We thank all the speakers and other participants; it is an impressive message of the needs of learning, sharing and growing of our communities. We remind you that there will be other possibilities, this difficult year, to get in touch with the WG Fault2SHA members and activities.

Day 3 of the workshop taking place at 14:30 (European Central Time) on Wednesday 2nd December will be an open discussion centred around the following themes:

(1) Palaeoseismic data- what information is needed and how should it be displayed to be easily and appropriately incorporated into seismic hazard models? How can we separate data from interpretation? 
(2) How to incorporate faults in seismic hazard assessment where we have low slip-rates and/or are lacking slip-rate data in the context of individual faults and whole regions.
(3) Forming a new Fault2SHA lab – from data to models collaborating to incorporate fault data in seismic hazard assessment

We look forward to welcoming those of you who are joining us for the discussion then.

5th Workshop

Dear “All Hands on Deck” workshop participants, we are ready to start this new experience. The programme is available online HERE, you can download it, for surfing on titles and abstracts on your own.

We have 227 registered participants: they received the link to follow the workshop via Zoom. In the first two days (Nov, 12-13) there will be 35 presentations, and one Keynote Lecture: presenters have their instruction to be online live. If you missed links or instruction, contact the organizers urgently.

If you missed the registration deadline, you still have the opportunity to follow the YouTube  channel FAULT2SHA, live streaming HERE.

5th Workshop

All Hands on Deck: Promoting Faults in Seismic Hazard Assessment

Free registration is open. Please fill in the registration form, in which we will ask a few short questions to help us know more about your interests. The registration deadline is Thursday 5th November 18:00 CET. Virtual Room is limited to 300 pre-registered participants. We will provide the link for the meeting for those who have registered after registration closes. Registration:

General info HERE

Detail Programme and Abstracts HERE

Barcelona, 3-5 June 2019

The 4th Workshop of the ESC Fault2SHA Working Group is near the corner.

Abstract call is open now, ultimate date for submission is March 31st.

Download the first call HERE, or submit your abstract by filling the FORM.