The FAULT2SHA Working Group has been formally approved by the European Seismological Commission at the 35th General Assembly, held in Trieste, Sept 2016.
It has been active from 2016 to 2020, then renewed till 2024.
Participation to the FAULT2SHA Working Group is on a voluntary basis.

The aim of the ESC FAULT2SHA working group is to motivate exchanges between field geologists, fault modelers and seismic hazard practitioners.

The key questions we ask are: What is the best strategy to fill in the gap in knowledge and know-how in Europe when considering faults in seismic hazard assessments? Are field geologists providing the relevant information for seismic hazard assessment? Are seismic hazard analysts interpreting field data appropriately? Is the full range of uncertainties associated with the characterization of faults correctly understood and propagated in the computations? How can fault-modelers contribute to a better representation of the long-term behavior of fault-networks in seismic hazard studies?

Providing answers to these questions is fundamental, in order to reduce the consequences of future earthquakes and improve the reliability of seismic hazard assessments.

Your Q&A can be important for the whole community.

Become formally a MEMBER of the working group and you will be constantly informed about the ongoing  FAULT2SHA activities.

Otherwise follow the POST, have an eye to the WHAT, and feel free to CONTACT us anytime.

This website replaces, since Jan 2018, the initial one opened in 2014.

Past activities and materials are still accessible HERE.