Learning Series

The Fault2SHA Learning Series is an online presentation to facilitate collaborations across different disciplines relating to utilising fault data in seismic hazard assessments. The purpose of each session is to teach about a topic so that those without specific expertise in the subject, but who work in complementary fields, can learn about it so that reading papers, attending research presentations, and forming collaborations becomes easier. We ask speakers for a general overview of the topic along the lines of a taught lecture, rather than a conference presentation on research.

Since starting in 2021, we have had been fortunate to have many eminent speakers on interesting topics (see videos below). The sessions usually run on the second Monday of each month at 14:00 CET/CEST (but times can vary so check individual event details). The sessions run live on zoom and youtube (join the Fault2SHA mailing list to get invites) and see upcoming events on the website. Recordings of previous sessions are available on the Fault2SHA youtube channel. If you have suggestions for topics you would like to learn more about or for speakers, please contact Joanna Faure Walker (j.faure-walker@ucl.ac.uk).